DPWEX International owners

David Wexler
Patricia Anderson-Wexler

DPWEX International was first established by David Wexler and his wife, Patricia, in 1994.
We are a family-owned-and-operated business with more than 50 years of
combined experience, dealing in a wide range of merchandise that changes weekly.
Specializing in estate liquidations and
consignment sales, we also handle
second hand and abandoned merchandise.  Our long-time interest in all
things aged and unique has been the impetus to embark on this venture. 
Having both graduated from the University of South Florida's College of Fine Arts
also brings additional depth of knowledge and expertise to the business.

We have been active in the on-line auction market since 1997, using eBay as our exclusive venue
and have built an impeccable reputation for integrity, professionalism and quality, with many
  repeat buyers who watch our auctions regularly for the variety of items we offer.

We provide high quality photographic services including, but not limited to,
image enhancement for optimal selling results.

We are qualified and experienced in packing and shipping items of high value and fragility.
Packages are custom made for odd sizes or bulky/heavy items.

In addition to consignment sales and liquidations, we also offer conservation & restoration services
for vintage / antique ephemera.  Please contact us for further information.